Our Story

The Shared Finance Service was established in April 2017 and provides financial services to the London Borough of Sutton and the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. We have many customers including, front-line Council services, Councillors, residents, Council owned companies, businesses and partner organisations from other sectors. We deliver professional accountancy and financial management, commercial advice and expert analysis, innovative finance operations and financial inclusion services for vulnerable residents.

We have achieved a lot in our first three years of operation and are ambitious in our vision to do more. We are delighted to have recently been shortlisted for a 2020 Public Finance Award for Alternative Service Delivery Model of the Year. These awards celebrate the best in public finance services and recognise inspiration, innovation and exceptional achievement.

Our ambition is to “Add value, inspire success”. To realise this ambition we need to achieve our vision, which has been developed in partnership with both Councils, and is intended to support the corporate ambitions of both Kingston and Sutton.


The Shared Finance Service vision is to:

  • Translate business intelligence into business success by delivering clear professional advice and insight

  • Safeguard the financial health of our Councils

  • Empower our customers to manage their finances

  • Learn, improve and exceed; supporting each other to develop our talent and achieve more.


Our staff work in a culture that encourages ambition and innovation, and values integrity, creativity and quality. This enables us to work flexibly and effectively with all our customers, regardless of which Borough they are part of. To help us do this we have adopted a set of values, which shape not just what we do but how we do it. We have pro-actively sought to embed these values into our day to day ways of working and business relationships, and we take pride in recognising the positive difference our approach makes to the outcomes of our stakeholders.

The Shared Finance Service values are collectively known as the inspire values and are set out below:


SFS Values





People Focused




We have used the ambition, vision and values as our guiding principles to create a successful and innovative service that is both highly valued and well respected as a forward thinking finance team.


We recently reviewed our progress to date through a post implementation review, seeking feedback on our performance from our staff, our customers, and our stakeholders. This reaffirmed that our ambition, vision and values are appropriate for the challenges that lie ahead, and provided assurance that we have delivered against our original aims and objectives. The review identified a number of opportunities for further changes and improvements to what we do, and these are now being implemented through changes to the structure and development of a digital transformation programme. The roles we are seeking to fill have been created through this review and will enable us to meet the changing needs of our stakeholders.

Sutton and Kingston are both highly ambitious Councils delivering leading edge public services that are transforming their communities and improving the lives of their residents. The shared finance service plays an essential role in enabling and supporting both Councils to be successful by achieving excellent outcomes for residents. We are proud of what we have achieved in our first three years and motivated to achieve even more through bringing new talent in to our team to help us take the next steps.

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